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19/01/2017 UHPH4FOOD project successfully completed

The UHPH4FOOD consortium, formed by Ypsicon Advanced Technologies S.L. as project leader, by CERPTA and AZTI research centers, and by the food companies Creaciones Aromáticas Industriales, S.A. (CARINSA) and Industrias Alimentarias de Navarra (Grupo IAN), has successfully completed the milestones of the project.

In the context of the UHPH4FOOD project, which has been co-funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the Retos call, Ypsicon has developed a new generation of equipment for the sterilization of liquid products by means of continuous ultra-high pressure (UHPH technology), for the preservation of liquid foodstuffs. The pre-industrial prototype developed during the project has a processing capacity of 150 liters / hour at 3000 bar of pressure, and it has allowed to test and validate UHPH technology in conditions close to industrial, developing several alternative fluid products in collaboration with the members of the consortium. The obtained results place UHPH in a promising position as an alternative to thermal pasteurization and sterilization.

Ypsicon owns the patent of UHPH technology in the world's main markets.

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