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Ypsicon and UHPH technology in approved European project  

The EIT Food (European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Food division) has approved underPRESSURE project, aimed at scaling-up Ypsicon's patented ultra-high pressure homogenization technology for products like sauces and patisserie products, and in general for high viscosity products, to obtain fat-reduced and clean(er) label products   

Pressure for healthier and more natural fat-based foods (underPRESSURE)


Context and problem to be solved: fat-reduced and clean(er) label products

Obesity is a public health problem that increases the risk of chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 50 % of Europeans are overweighed and 10-30 % are obese. Fat intake is directly related to weight problems. Consumers' awareness about fat intake has increased. In food emulsions, such as sauces and creams, fat reduction is achieved by its substitution by fat replacers (e.g. modified starch). Such fat replacers typically do not impart the same sensory properties as fat (40% consumers consider “light” goods to have a poorer taste than full-fat ones). Moreover, most of them are E-numbers and have to be declared on the label. Today, consumers’ expectations thrive for a clean(er) and more natural label.

underPRESSURE solution

The EIT Food underPRESSURE project aims at scaling-up a technological solution based on Ypsicon's patented ultra-high pressure homogenization (UHPH) technology to produce sauces and patisserie products with improved microbial shelf-life, addressing the above consumer demands. Safe foods with lower fat content (fat reduction >30 %) and/or reduced use of additives (clean(er) label) will be developed, maintaining or even improving their sensory characteristics and stability compared to conventional counterparts. In order to assure a consumer driven project, consumers will be engaged from the creation to the sensory validation of these food products, ensuring to meet their expectations.

Partners: AZTI, Acesur, Ypsicon (SP), Fraunhofer IVV (GE), Puratos (BE)


Funding: UEEIT Food – KAVA – Innovation


Programme Duration: January 2019 – December 2019

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